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Principal's Corner



Welcome to my Principal’s Corner!  I am the very Proud Principal of Florence M. Burd Elementary School.  We are located in Newton and serve the communities of Andover Borough and Andover Township.  


Our small school houses preschool through grade four with approximately 240 students.  Our curriculum is aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and our programs are as rigorous as they are engaging.  Our standards based report cards help clearly communicate student learning expectations and achievement to families at home.  We aim to support and educate the whole child and supporting our students' mental health is a priority. 


None of our work and achievements happen without a village.  Through various community supports we are able to provide our students with enriching opportunities that help facilitate their growth as students as well as good citizens.  Our relationship with the Andover Police Department is one we are extremely proud of as they keep us safe and teach us about making good choices. 


If you have any questions or concerns, I am always available.  Please call me at 973-315-5257 ext 202 or email me at 


Be well,